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I.C.O.N.S : Image of Chaos and Order in a New Society

Poster 1 / Poster submissions derived from the element that expresses the traffic problem in modern societies and the resulting chaos is chaos.

Poster 2 / In a world full of chaos, we seek patterns to keep track of the flowing of reality. Reality is fragmented and to be comprensible  the fragments  must  be in patterns and organised. And all of this is just information so reality we live in is just fragments of data, the pure counscience is information. When highly structured, information gets monotone and boring , so when this perfect structure gets disturbed by irregularity, it becomes information. This is the  paradox we live in.

Poster 3 / The way to order is to first pass through chaos. And by chaos I mean to have the first disorder to get you into the destination.  As it happened in Big Ben it was the big explosion which brought harmony to the world. By getting into a mess than you can start organizing everything. I see chaos as the origin of thought, as the beginning of a new idea. When designing  this poster I wanted to create something simple to give the immediate impact , to present the”evolution” from chaos to order. These are two things that cannot be changed when one brings the other. It is a continuous chain as the electro cardiac line that shows ups and downs of life. As in real life human have times of sickness and of health. It is the same thing also in the connection of chaos and order. If there was no chaos there would be no order. They  live in harmony together. 

Poster 4 / We are many nation of people, different in many ways but alike in so many others. As a class, as a community and as a people, we share the same basic needs and basic desires: to live in & be part of a healthy, peaceful and humane society. Time has proven the changes happen in our society that are separated from the steps of the generations. The human being like a investigative creature is always between the dilemmas worries and continued questions which attempt to give them an answer, but always finds himself among the crowd or chaos, between logical contradiction and a wide variety of view to find the right order. The new society, the society of 21 century, consired as the major changes in development of human being.A society closely connected technology, global communication and global intercommunication. This new society represents the connection increasingly close between countries through increasing trade, investment, information exchange, tourism, cultural influence through the media. Being that society is made by man, it depends on its decisions and answers that she chooses. There is order, as well as chaos. It exists as hes linear path set correctly as well as chaotic path placed at random. Man constantly requires order in chaotic manner. “Chaotic” clip require the way towards the “lineare” clip. Social, cultural and economic developments have caused many problems: theft, murder, violence, immorality, poverty, creating significant strata of society makes man to compare and draw conclusions,but in itself contain the problem and the solution that human consciousness requiec.We’ve lost control. So is there hope? Can we come together and really have an affect? Can we search the order in chaos, or by the chaos of our mind we can find the order ?

Poster 5 / In my poster I want to present that all the world is a chaos at all. Everything good or bad born from an chaos. In my poster I show some building that present the new generation and the curves present the life.

Poster 6 /This is a narration of four squatters’ confrontation with landlords. The story narrates a rift opening up at the moment of confrontation from the perspective of the narrator. The highly complex and intermingled social, political and economic networks we assume to be part of, recesses back to a simpler relationship between beings who engage in this opened up rift.   Contemporary literature promotes an idea of a metropolis which houses the multitude who participate in a resilient medium determined by economic, political and social structures. Metropolis with the multitude living in it, participates in construction of the conditions we may be inclined to assume as outside forces which are transcendental to us. Nevertheless, we are still able to claim a form of autonomy that can challenge the state of things. The question is, then, how much of our challenge is conditioned by the already existing structures, and how affective is our challenge in negating what we resist against?  The piece speculates -in a subjective, crooked and obscure language and imagery, the moment of confrontation becoming a moment of vulnerability that exposes a bare moment of subsumption and emancipation to/from contemporary society. Maybe the more we let ourselves to be found in vulnerable states, the more we can appropriate/release ourselves from the contemporary society that enjoys the clichè remark “…it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”.   The so-called rift opens up with the for-seen but unexpected visit by the landlords who gain power through their possession of a property that is acknowledged by the Australian state which does not have a treaty with the indigenous population of the land. The physical and mental disruptions, lack of any form of resistance at the moment of confrontation and the submission to already prescribed power relations during the interaction, which include gender and race biases, are reflected in the poster through a comic strip.   Poster(s) is a medium which demands too much from the spectator and promise nothing in return. No narration can convey the experience which suggests there could be a possibility for an authentic form of resistance by inventing more ways to be subsumed into the system and facilitate your submission to resist what you constitute/ constituted of. This work is an application of the experience it pretends to convey. However mapping of the experience through a filter of consciousness, may allow reminding oneself how the moment of confrontation altered the words private, public, gender, race, refuge, etc. Once this awareness is exposed, it can be time to experiment further confrontations that can turn into real moments of resistance and struggle.

Poster 7 / They say that chaos generates order,but is the opposite also true?The endless dualism between chaos – order,where roots of order are embedded in chaos and vice-versa.

Poster 8 / Trying to find order in chaos can be difficult or easy, depending on what you allow yourself to see and perceive. This poster attempts to bring that idea to light in the eye of the beholder.

Poster 9 / ENJOY COMPLEXITY – Look back, see ahead . “Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.” Georges Santayana. This poster elaborates the symbol of the Albanian flag, reinterpreting the traditional icon so that the double-headed eagle comes to represent the feasible coexistence of apparently excluding elements. Instead of conceiving “order and chaos” as mutually excluding elements, we choose to interpret them as the two poles of a continuum. As the quote by Georges Santayana suggests, chaos is such until we don’t find a way to interpret it. Order and chaos do not exclude each other, but as a matter of fact overlap constantly in new societies, in which old orders are constantly challenged. Accepting chaos, di_erence and diversity as constitutive elements of new societies gives us a chance to grasp unprecedented potential in our lives, being at the same time an opportunity for creativity and growth.

Poster 10 / This is a takeoff on the art projects proposed and realized during the past decade in Tirana.  Some of the artists used geometric shapes of color to create interest on otherwise boring or bland structures, revitalizing and bringing a new sense of generation to the city.  I took these images as inspiration and created a simple geometric form and repeated the shape to create the outline of the letters for the event, TAW.  There must be color, due to the importance and significance of color to the city during the past decade.  I decided to give my impression of a graffiti style spray paint accompanied by the geometric lines which you cannot tell if they are above or beneath the paint colors or the stacking rectangular forms.  In this way I am tying the poster back to the context of the city.  Although I like and find inspiration in the art projects painted on the buildings of the recent past, I believe they represent Images of Chaos and Order in New Society.s 

Poster 11 / This poster consists on explaining by image what happens around me or around us. Over the years our city Tirana gets fuller and fuller of buildings and different constructions. And what do they do about this? Mainly they paint once a while the buildings hoping to put some order or trying to make them look better. And do they reach their aim? I don’t think so. Many think it looks even more disordered. And this is what I am trying to show by this poster. The problem is too deep inside to be fixed so easily.

Poster 12 / The following mage begins to reinterpret the historical narrative relating the bunkers as a way to visually sift through the chaos and use collage to make sense of disparate pieces of information. The constructed scenes are based on historical events, but they appear more so as vehicles of propaganda. Each portrays a tension between opposing forces. For those not familiar with key figures or events used, it is difficult to decipher their true intent. In this case, new stories emerge while trying to uncover their meaning. Instead of reiterating the history, the following is a hypothetical and somewhat humorous interpretation. Regardless of the version, whether historical or fictional, a conflict is instigated resulting in the n the subversion of the perceived enemy. Transverse A new leader emerges to solve the country’s geopolitical problems by making the ground vibrate. The insane dictator’s concrete mushrooms elevate and disappear in the stratosphere leaving behind only tokens of peace and commercialization.

Poster 13 / I try to present ICONS topic with one question : Where we can approve this chaos or order in the everyday life ? In a city commute ! this architecture aspect is very important. Road, highway, bridge… take a lot of space, and have to be well thinking, for access easily to everything. Driving around can be very easily or very confusing if you don’t know where your driving, or if the design is not appropriate for the place. So driving/commute become a nightmare or a chaos for user. This poster try to show those two different aseptic.


Poster 14 / Poster name:Earth+Y0u,Tree+You,Water+Y0u. Poster description :W|lh the aoceleration of urbanization prooess, onoe on the green, flowers, and bird life have beoome memories and lopsided. And we can only walk in the nforoed ooncnete of the city, only walk in the foggy forest, human beings are more and more like a breathing maohine only. Birds can not do without wood, fish can not do without water, rabbits can not do without land, humans are insep-arable fnom nature all that.

Poster 15 / To become watchful on the Social issues in the society, we need to be very vigilant and participative in the Political and economic change, from chaos to Order. This poster design with my artwork signifies Justice to Humanity

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