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[Re]Appropriation of the City – Tirana


Poster 1 / Re/City. I wanted to show through this poster the way how the city reflects the people which are living in it. I took a picture of a typical ‘comunistic’ building as asymbol of what Tirana used to be for many years and how it transformed into time till the present days, as a synonimus of how the society is getting involved to the new environment.

Poster 2 / REVERSING THE ERASURE – “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting” Milan Kundera, The book of laughter and forgetting. This poster refects on the erasure of history paralleling the transition to the capitalist system. There is no doubt that the privatization of public spaces, often brought about to transform them into commercial ones, is massively occurring in the Balkans and all around the world. But what if at stake there is the erasure, rather than the appropriation, of collectively relevant spaces? What if spaces with a crucial function in collective memory are privatized or even demolished? Re-appropriation of the city means also the defense of collective memory. Symbolic places are material bases of this collective memory. As such, their existence is not self sufcient, but is the material precondition to refect and remember the past.

Poster 3 /I would like to have the design of [Re]Appropriation of the City – Tirana poster to carry the images of my authentic hand painted artworks. Its’ concept is basically a collage of images from my recent Eco-friendly artworks. I wanted to have it both to be more Environment-friendly, vibrant and artistically colorful. These are actually a depiction of how humans interact with the aesthetic beauties of nature. Taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem while producing economic opportunities that makes the conservation of our natural resources beneficial to our society. The versatility of these symbolic icons is presented in these designs as a new genre to describe works of art that are not only directly representational to the environment but a tool of expression to demonstrate cultural and natural understanding.

Poster 4 / The theme that i chose is [re]appropriation of the concept about this poster was to show the situation of the  nowdays of tirana city.a lot of big and colourful buildings are built in the city.a architecture without a design and urban planing and some strange kind of painted idea is to use the tetris game to show this caotic situation .i use the legos of this game for the painted walls and i used to send this game in a game over.

Poster 5 / Getting to live in an era of illusions (not necessarily exclusively optical), we fool ourselves that we can project and design every space “left empty” in a city. What we neglect to remind is that there is no such thing as “empty” or “blank” or “nothing” when it come to space, as space is already positive by the nature of its content, even scientifically determined. Thus, empowered with the “touch of Midas” abilities to transform, we firmly dream of transitioning everything into “gold spaces”, (re)filling the “empty” with what we think the city needs and the future citizens won’t feel ashamed of.  People brainstorm and ask other people and spend time researching, analyzing, proposing, projecting and implementing solutions to what already is something. Not every case should be treated as a rebus longing for a genius answer. Let’s be honest : the wheel was already invented and we cannot keep on manufacturing vehicles to have something to put wheels on. What we should be doing is brainstorming ways to (re)concept the use of wheels. As a matter of fact, whatever blank spot we define in our city, there is always space, air, light, sky and sun and stars and moon in that. And in the current picture of the poster, there are snowflakes too. Let’s not try to be egocentric and eager of finding “new” gaps for our (re)creation needs. Why not opt for propositions of friendly and natural, baby steps transitions, like (re)freshing, (re)adapting, (re)viewing, (re)testing, (re)confirmation, (re)enjoying and (re)feeling what is there. Sometimes, all you need is to slightly change your point of view or your perspective angle and a whole new thing flashes on!

Poster 6 / The following mage begins to reinterpret the historical narrative relating the bunkers as a way to visually sift through the chaos and use collage to make sense of disparate pieces of information. The constructed scenes are based on historical events, but they appear more so as vehicles of propaganda. Each portrays a tension between opposing forces. For those not familiar with key figures or events used, it is difficult to decipher their true intent. In this case, new stories emerge while trying to uncover their meaning. Instead of reiterating the history, the following is a hypothetical and somewhat humorous interpretation. Regardless of the version, whether historical or fictional, a conflict is instigated resulting in the n the subversion of the perceived enemy. An Unexpected Flaw In the capital city, a special gas is dispersed into the air to brainwash their citizens to become obedient killing machines and avenge the attack on the dictator, but instead they turn on each-other, hypnotized by the need to destroy.

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