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Revival of the City Squares in Balkan Cities

Poster 1 / City squares and their ownership by the people and for the people is inherently important in any democracy. It is equally important for the people to own and embrace their space in the city and forever protect it.

Poster 2 / This is an unconventional memorial to Albanian Communism. This does not commemorate the victims who perished in labor camps. It is a memorial for those who instigated rebellion, and subverted the influence of propaganda and psychological repression—the ones who survived. The resulting form manipulates the bunkers, remnants of Communism, into public restrooms. Building on anthropologist Mary Douglas’ definition of dirt as “an offense against order,” the bunkers, as vessels of public cleanliness, establish order, physically and metaphorically eliminating what is socially unacceptable. The process undertaken to create the restroom component and the adjustments to the bunker to accommodate this addition follows a relationship of action and reaction by playing on their narrative through ironic detachment. The new addition rises and cracks the selfinflicted isolation. Situated in the center of Tirana, it stands as a monument for freedom.

Poster 3 / I wanted to express an archaic situation using typical balkanik elements consolidated together in a funny way. The idea consist in the fact that the balkanik countries must be united and friendly to each other to create a new revival.

Poster 4 / Every City must have public spaces and bulevards where peoples can go there for different reasons, to feel free or just to rest etc.In these days public paces and bulevards are dissappearing for differet reasons start from political that change everyday and with it the fuction on one public space.These phenomens I present in my poster with different images where somewhere they dissapper and appear somewherer else and of course I play with colorsWhat I wanted to express in this poster is the interaction between the reality  and surreal world. Surrealism shows that  the games of mind are not untouchable  because you can show them even in real life. Surrealism shows that  what you can dream can become real. And dreams are related with the subconscious. The main part that I wanted to highlight  here is adding identity to surrealism.  Knowing that this is in against with surrealism in this way it becomes also the main part. Identity is something unchangeable. It becomes  a primary change in surrealist design.  To be different you have to take the responsibly to act like one. And this comes with the development of different things.

Poster 5 / Poster name: lmpression of Balkans. Poster description:The form of isomorphic, the works show the development of the Balkan cities,from ancient to modern, and gives unlimited imagination and charm.Also demonstrate the unique art culture of the Balkan cities.

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